Albert David Croucher (1893-1972)


Birth: 19 February 1893 Alverstoke, Hampshire, UK
Father: William Alcert Croucher 1862-1917
Mother: Annie White 1859-1910

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: January-March 1915 Alverstoke, Hampshire, UK
Wife: Georgina Elizabeth Mariah Taylor 1891-1973

Death: October-December 1972 Gosport, Hampshire, UK


Georgina G Croucher 1916
Albert Thomas Croucher 1918-1991
Frank Edwin D Croucher 1920-1982
Doris Kathleen Croucher [Barnes] 1922-1996
Leslie George Croucher 1924-1985
Roy Croucher 1927-2001
Ronald Croucher 1929
Maurice Croucher 1931
Kenneth Croucher 1933-a1967
Norman E Croucher 1937


Birth of Albert David Croucher in FreeBMD in April-June 1893 in Alverstoke (2b 533).

In the 1901 census as Albert Croucher aged 8, born in Alverstoke, Hampshire, and living with his parents (William and Annie), six brothers (Edwin, Fredk, George, Harry, Robert and Thomas) and sister (Ellen) at 13 Church Road, Alverstoke, Hampshire.

His mother died in 1910.

In the 1911 census as Albert D Croucher aged 19, born in Alverstoke, Hampshire, listed as female in the index, single, an Officers Steward 3rd in the Royal Navy, and living at the Navigation School, H M Dockyard, Portsmouth.

Marriage of Albert D Croucher and Georgina E M Taylor in FreeBMD in January-March 1915 in Alverstoke (2b 1005).

His ten children were born in Alverstoke/Gosport in 1916 to 1937.

Entry in Ancestry UK, Naval Medal and Award Rolls, 1793-1972 for Albert David Croucher RN Long Service and Good conduct Medal 1925-1930 in Dryad.

Entry in the Register of Deaths for Albert David Croucher, born on 19 February 1891 (sic - on the typed original - I assume this should be 1893) in Gosport (6b 926) in October-December 1972.

Susan Martin has an entry for Albert Croucher born in 1893 in Alverstoke, parents William Croucher and Annie White.

Jean Paoletti has an entry in Ancestry Public Member Treesfor Albert David Croucher born in Alverstome, Hampshire, his marriage to Georgina E M Taylor, a daughter Doris Kathleen, and his death in Gosport, Hampshire. Neville C Westerman gives his birth in 1891, a son Roy, and his death in Gosport, Hampshire in 1971. Another entry adds his birth on 19 February 1893 in Gosport, Hanpshire, parents William Croucher and Annie Fields.


Albert David Croucherwas the seventh great grandson of Richard Croucher.

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