Alfred Bernard Croucher (1885-1950)


Birth: October-December 1885 Portsea, Hampshire, UK
Father: James Alban Sulent Croucher 1853-1928
Mother: Alice Squire Urry 1850-1938

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: October-December 1909 Chertsey, London, UK
Wife: Hannah Catherine Hardy 1885-1967

Death: July-September 1950 Southampton, Hampshire, UK


Christina C Croucher 1912
Victor Percy Croucher 1913-1994
Alice S U Croucher 1915
Douglas H Croucher 1918-1918
Alfred J Croucher 1922-a1957
Cyril H Croucher 1924


Birth of Alfred Bernard Croucherin Register of Births in October-December 1885 in Portsea (2b 487).

In the 1891 census as Alfred B Croucher aged 5, born in Portsea, and living with his parents (James A and Alice Quin), two brothers (George James, and Janes (sic - James on original) W) and six sisters (Agnes M, Alice W, Cecilia P, Frances J, Paulena G, and Winefred A) at 1 Selbourne Terrace, Kingston, Portsea, Hampshire (off the A3 Stamshaw Road).

In the 1901 census as Alfred Croucher aged 15, born in Portsmouth, working at home (but does not specify at what), and living with his parents (James A and Alice S), two brothers (James and Victor), and four sisters (Agnes, Frances, Paulina and Winefred) at 11 Stamshaw Road, North End, Portsmouth, Hampshire (now underneath the roundabout at the A3/M275 junction).

Marriage of Alfred Bernard Croucher and Hannah Catherine Hardy in FreeBMD in October-December 1909 in Chertsey (2a 95).

In the 1911 census as Alfred Croucher aged 25 and living with Hannah (wife?) in South Stoneham Hampshire.

All the children were born in South Stoneham.

Entry in the Register of Deaths for Alfred B Croucher in July-September 1950 aged 64 in Southampton (6b 509).

There is an entry in Ancestry Public Member Trees for Alfred B Croucher born in about 1886 in Portsea, Hampshire, parents James Alban Croucher and Alice Urry.

The Intellectual Property Exchange Pte Ltd lists the following patents registered by Alfred Bernard Croucher and Henry John Parsons where his address is given as 6 Manor Road, Woolston, Southampton:

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