Alice Croucher [Greenfield (Grenefylde)] (b1565-a1775)


Birth: 1565? North Marden, Sussex, UK
Father: John Croucher 1529-1562
Mother: Unknown

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: Unknown
Husband: Thomas Greenfield (Grenefylde) b1560-a1575

Death: After 1575




There are three submitted entries in the IGI for the birth of Alice Croucher in about 1565, one in Northmerden, Sussex, parents John and Agnes Croucher, one just in Sussex in 1565 with the same parents and one with no parents. There is also a submitted entry for Alice Crowcher in 1565 in Northmarden, parents John Crowcher and Agnes Croucher.

There is an entry in the Ancestral File for the birth of Alice Crowcher in 1565 in Northmarden, parents John Crowcher and Agnes Croucher. There is also an entry for the birth of Alice Croucher in about 1765 in Northmerden, Sussex, with the same parents, and her marriage to Thomas Grenefylde.

This does partially tie in with the following extract from British History:
Land in North Marden was given to the hospital or priory of Maiden Bradley (Wilts.) about the end of the 12th century by Geoffrey Hussee, either the brother or the son of Henry Hussee who founded Durford Abbey. The prior and the Earl of Arundel were returned in 1316 as joint lords of the vill of Marden, and after the Dissolution the priory's lands here were granted in 1543 to Sir John Williams and Anthony Stringer. The tenants at this time were Henry Croucher and William Croucher. Williams and Stringer must at once have passed their interest to Edward Pyke, as in the following year William Croucher of Lynch had licence to acquire the same tenements from Edward Pyke. John Croucher, who died in 1562 leaving a young son Richard, held tenements and pasture in North Marden. In 1566 Richard died, and in 1574 his heir was his half-sister Alice wife of Thomas Greenfield. They disposed of their property to William Jenman in 1575, as the manor of North Marden. Members of the Croucher family can be traced again, however, in 1585 and 1593, with a small holding in North Marden. At his death in 1578 William Jenman was holding the manor of North Marden, late of Maiden Bradley, in chief. His son Thomas died in 1584, his heir being his brother John. In 1591 the manor was conveyed by John Jenman and his wife Alice to William Jenman, his brother. Edward Pyke, who in 1544 alienated the Maiden Bradley holding to William Croucher (see above) retained some property in North Marden; this was sold to William Jenman in 1620 by Joan Long widow and her son Richard, Joan Long being daughter and heir to Edward Pyke and dying possessed of a small holding in North Marden in 1632. From: 'North Marden', A History of the County of Sussex: Volume 4: The Rape of Chichester (1953), pp. 108-10.

Hence I assume that Richard and Alice had different mothers. However Alice must have been born well before 1565.

North Marden is 8 miles north of Chichester on the B2141.

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