Ann (Anne, Annie) Croucher [Vass] (1836-1913)


Birth: 1836 Crondall, Hampshire, UK
Father: James Croucher 1797-1844
Mother: Martha Turner c1805-1851/61

Christening: 22 March 1836 Crondall, Hampshire, UK

Marriage: 2 September 1858 Crondall, Hampshire, UK
Husband: George Vass 1836-1899

Death: January-March 1913 Hartley Wintney, Hampshire, UK


Father unknown but guessed to be George Vass:
Charles G(eorge?) Croucher (Vass) c1858-a1882

By George Vass:
Alice Mary Vass 1859-a1891
George Vass 1861-a1901
Harry Vass 1864-1904
William Vass 1866-1870
SamuelVass 1869-a1881
Flora Vass 1871-a1891
Annie (Nancy) Kate Vass 1874-a1891
Ada Gertrude Vass 1877-1909


Christening of Ann Croucher in the IGI on 22 March 1836 in Crondall, Hampshire, parents James and Martha Croucher.

In the 1841 census as Ann Croucher, aged 4, born in Surrey (incorrect, but so are most of the entries), and living with James and Marther (parents?), Charles, James, John, and William (brothers?), and Jane, Marcy and Marther (sisters?) at Stream (between Ridgeway and and Highcombe Bottom), Pitch Place, Elstead, Surrey.

Her father died in 1844.

In the 1851 census as Jane (sic - the original appears to have been altered by crossing out the J) Croucher aged 12, born in Crookham, and living with her unmarried (sic) mother (Martha), two brothers (Charles and James), and sister (Jane) and (half)sister (Sarah Turner) at The Street, Crookham.

Marriage of Ann Croucher and George Vass in FreeBMD in July-September 1858 in Hartley W. (2c 239) which included Crookham. Three are three submitted entries in the IGI for the marriage of Anne Croucher and George Vass on 2 September 1858 in Crondall or Crondale, two giving her birth in about 1837 in Crondall or Crondale. One gives four children (Samuel, Flora, Annie Kate and Ada Gertrude) and the other eight children.

In the 1861 census as Ann Vass aged 25, born in Crondall, and living with her husband (George), son (Charles G Croucher) and daughter (Alice M Vass) in Church Street, Condall. A Samuel Vass aged 66, born in Crondall, widowed, and employed as an agricultural labourer appears to be a lodger at the same address.

In the 1871 census as Ann Vass aged 34, born in Crondall, and living with her husband (George), three sons (George, Harry and Samuel), and daughter (Alice M) in Pankridge Street, Condall.

In the 1881 census as Anne Vass aged 44, born in Crondall and living with her husband (George), two sons (Harry and Samuel) and three daughters (Ada Gertrude, Ann Kate and Flora) in Pankridge Street, Condall.

In the 1891 census as Ann Wass (sic - in the index, correct on the original), born in Crookham and living with her husband (George), two sons (Harry and Samuel) and daughter (Ada Gertrude, Ann Kate and Flora) in Heath Lane, Condall.

Her husband died in 1899.

In the 1901 census as Anne Vas (sic - in the index, correct on original) aged 64, born in Crookham, widowed, and living with her son (Harry) and two daughters (Ada G and Nancy K) and two boarders (Samuel E Dance aged 6 and born in Crondall and Erie J Dunklen aged 2 and born in London) in Heath Lane, Crondall.

Entry in FreeBMD for the death of Annie Vass in January-March 1913 aged 76 in Hartley W. (2c 241)

Nicole Smith has an entry in RootsWeb WorldConnect for Annie Croncher and her marriage to George Vass. She does not have any children but she is the second wife of her husband who has a son Charles Vass born 1859. I believe this to be the Charles Croucher mentioned in the 1861 census. The same information is in Ancestry Public Member Trees. Wilf Pateman has an entry in in Ancestry Public Member Trees for Anne Croucher born in 1839 in Crondall. Crookham. Hampshire, parents James Croucher and Martha Turner.

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