Anne (Ann) Croucher [Latter] (1671-a1703)


Birth: 1671 Selsey, Sussex, UK
Father: Edward Croucher b1656-a1676
Mother: Ann ? b1656-a1676

Christening: 21/27 April 1676 St Peter, Selsey, Sussex, UK

Marriage: 20 June 1686 St Peter, Selsey, Hampshire, UK
Husband: Thomas Latter b1671-a1703

Death: After 1703


Rachell Latter 1694
Christopher Latter 1696
Mary Latter 1698
Oliver Latter 1701
John Latter 1703


Christening of Anne Croucher in the IGI on 27 April 1671 in Selsey, Sussex, parents Edward and Anne Croucher. The same information is in FamilyHistoryOnline Sussex Baptisms except the date is 21 April 1671 and the location Selsey St Peter. As she would have been only 15 when she married she may have been born earlier.

Marriage of Ann Croucher and Thomas Latter in the IGI in 1685 in Selsey, Sussex.

Marriage of Ann Croucher and Thomas Latter in the Sussex Family History Group Marriage Index on 20 June 1686 in Selsey.

All the children were christened in Westbourne, Sussex.

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