Richard Chitty (Chittey) (b1696-1753)


Birth: Before 1696 UK
Father: Jonas Chitty (Chittey) b1680-1713/4
Mother: Unknown

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: 5 May 1711 Dunsfold, Surrey, UK
Wife: Hanna (Hannah) Chandler 1689-1768

Death: July 1753 Wonersh, Surrey, UK
Burial: 7 July 1753 Wonersh, Surrey, UK


Richard Chitty (Chittey) b1796-1753


I cannot find an entry for his christening - however the following extract from a will indicates Jonas was his father "Jonas Chitty (X) of Wonersh, yeoman, infirm 23 Feb 1713/4 to son Richard messuge in Dunsfold near the Common;". (A messuage is a dwelling house and its land).

Marriage of Richard Chitty and Hannah Chandler in theIGI on 5 May 1711 in Dunsfold, Surrey.

Similar information is in the West Surrey Family History Society West Surrey Marriage Index adding he was of Wonersh.

His three children were christened in Wonersh in 1711 to 1724, spelt Chittey for the first two. His wife died in Cranleigh in 1778.

Entry in the West Surrey Family History Society Surrey Burials for Richard Chitty on 7 July 1753 in Wonersh.

Allan Faint has three entries in RootsWeb WorldConnect for Richard Chitty born in 1684, father Jonas Chitty, two sons George and Jonas, and his death in Dunsfold in 1752. The Richard, son of Jonas, was christened in Frensham, and I cannot find a Richard Chitty buried at Dunsfold. He also has two entries in Ancestry Public Member Trees with the same information. I have doubts about the preceeding line of descent.


Richard Chitty was Felicity's sixth great gandfather.

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