Doreen Dobson [Belk, Betts] (1935-a1989)


Birth: October-December 1935 Doncaster, West Riding, Yorkshire, UK
Father: Arthur Dobson c1899-1937
Mother: Mary Ann Bradley 1892-a1935

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: January-March 1958 Don Valley, West Riding, Yorkshire, UK
Husband: Peter B Belk 1936-a1983

Marriage: March 1989 Doncaster, South Yorkshire, UK
Husband: David J Betts 1950-a1989

Death: After 1989


By Peter
Anne D Belk 1962


Birth of Doreen Dobson, mother's maiden name Bradley, in FreeBMD in October-December 1935 in Doncaster (9c 1169).

Her father died in Doncaster in 1937.

Marriage of Doreen Dobson and Peter B Belk in FreeBMD in January-March 1958 in Don Valley (2b 1090).

Her daughter was born in Doncaster in 1962.

Her husband married Joy Punter in Doncaster in 1976.

Entry in the Register of Marriages for Doreen Belk and David J Betts in March 1989 in Doncaster (3 256).

Entry in for Doreen Betts in the Electoral Roll 2002-12 living in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN4, other occupant David J Betts (husband?).


Doreen Dobson was the wife of Peter B Belk, husband of Joy Punter, second great granddaughter of James Aldred, husband of Ann Shrubb, my first cousin three times removed.

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