Elaina Croucher (1978)


Father: Glenn George Croucher 1949-a2001
Mother: Carlene Ripley b1963-a2001

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: Unknown
Husband: Unknown

Death: After 2001




There are three messages from Elaina Croucher on Ancestry dated 2001, one stating that she was born in 1978 and is the daughter of Glenn Croucher and Carlene Ripley. Another states "My great great grandather, George Croucher, came to Canada from England around that time, his father's name was Samual and George had a son, in Canada, named Alfred Croucher. I am not very clear on all the details but I have a diary of the ship ride over to Canada with dates and family names I will need to go through and pick out pieces of information. Alfred had a son named Victor George Croucher, who had my father Glenn George Croucher."

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