Elizabeth Blanche Croucher [Miles] (1903-1929)


Birth: 9 April 1903 Norbiton, Surrey, UK
Father: Edward Croucher 1872-1959
Mother: Elizabeth Fry 1873-1939

Christening: 27 May 1903 St Peters, Norbiton, Surrey, UK

Marriage: July-September 1922 Kingston, Surrey, UK
Husband: Alfred James W Miles 1899-1929/1984

Death: 16 April 1929 Kingston, Surrey, UK


Lily Elsie Miles [Brown] 1924-2002


Birth of Elizabeth Blanche Croucher in FreeBMD in April-June 1903 in Kingston (2a 410) which included Norbiton.

Marriage of Elizabeth B Croucher to Miles in the Register of Marriages in July-September 1922 in Kingston (2a 1132). Alfred J W Miles and Croucher are on the same page.

Entry in the Register of Deaths for Elizabeth B Miles in April-June 1929 aged 25 in Kingston (2a 577).

Pauline Biggs has an entry in RootsWeb WorldConnect for Elizabeth Blanche Croucher born 9 Apr 1903 in Norbiton, Surrey, parents Edward Croucher and Elizabeth Fry, christened on 27 May 1903 at St Peters Norbiton, Surrey, married Alfred Miles in September 1922 in Kingston, Surrey, had a daughter on 20 January 1924 in Kingston, Surrey, and died on 16 April 1929 in childbirth (no entry in the Registers of Births or Deaths so I assume stillborn).

There is also an entry in Ancestry Public Member Trees for Elizabeth Blanche Croucher born in 1903, parents Edward Croucher and Elizabeth Fry, her marriage to Alfred Miles, her daughter and her death on 16 April 1929.


Edith Blanche Croucher was the first cousin once removed of Frederick George Croucher, husband of Mary Ann Fullick, my fourth cousin once removed.

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