Elizabeth Crowcher (Croucher) [Steer (Stere)] (1649-a1687)


Birth: 1649 Fittleworth, Sussex, UK
Father: William Croucher (Crowcher) 1619-a1662
Mother: Elizabeth ? b1634-a1662

Christening: 12 December 1649 Fittleworth, Sussex, UK

Marriage: 23 January 1672 Fittleworth,Sussex, UK
Husband: Thomas Steer (Stere) b1657-1719

Death: After 1687


William Steer christened 5 August 1673 parents Tho Steer and Elizab, buried 30 December 1744
Elizabeth Steer charistened 9 March 1675, parents Tho Steer and Eliz, died 21 March 1675
Katharine Steer christened 6 May 1677 father Tho Steer
Mary Steer christened 10 December 1680, father Thomas Steer and died 17 February 1687
Thomas Steer christened 7 February 1687, father Thomas Steer


Christening of Elizabeth Crowcher in the IGI on 12 December 1649 in Fittleworth, Sussex, parents William and Elizabeth Crowcher.

Marriage of Elizabeth Croucher and Thomas Steer in the IGI on 23 January 1672 in Fittleworth, Sussex.

The marriage is also in the Sussex Family History Group Sussex Marriage Index giving the date as 23 January 1672/3 and his name as Thomas Stere.

All the children were christened in Fittleworth in the IGI, but the mother's name is only given for William and Elizabeth.

Entry in the Beaven Evans family tree for Elizabeth Croucher, baptised on 12 December 1649 in Fittleworth, and Thomas Steer married on 23 January 1672 in Fittleworth, and a William. Her husband was buried on 8 January 1719 in Fittleworth.


Elizabeth Crowcher was the great granddaughter of Edward Croucher.

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