Emma Croucher [Hurst] (1833-1876)


Birth: 1833 Botley, Hampshire, UK
Father: Richard Croucher 1799-1878
Mother: Jane Hayward c1798-1882

Christening: 21 October 1833 Botley, Hampshire, UK

Marriage: 9 January 1861 Botley, Hampshire, UK
Husband: Edwin Henry Hurst 1838-1866

Death: October-December 1876 South Stoneham, Hampshire, UK


Elizabeth Emma Hurst 1861-a1901


Christening of Emma Croucher in the IGI on 21 October 1833 in Botley, Hampshire, parents Richard and Jane Croucher.

Christening of Emma Croucher in the Botley Baptisms on 21 October 1833, parents Richard (a taylor) and Jane Croucher.

In the 1841 census as Emma Croucher aged 17, born in Hampshire, and living with Richard and Jane (parents?), Alford, Arthur, Henry, John and Richard (brothers?), and Eliza and Ellen (sisters?) in the High Street, Botley, Hampshire.

In the 1851 census as Emma Crancher (sic - in the index, Croucher on the original) aged 17, born in Batley (sic), unmarried, no stated employment and living with her parents (Richard and Jane), three brothers (Alfred, Henry and John), and sister (Ellen) in High Street, Botley, Hampshire.

Marriage of Emma Croucher and Edwin Henry Hurst in FreeBMD in January-March 1861 in S Stoneham (2c 65).

Marriage of Emma Croucher, aged 27, father Richard Croucher, and Edwin Henry Hurst in the IGI on 9 January 1861 in Botley, Hampshire.

In the 1861 census as Emma Hurst aged 27, born in Botley, Hampshire, and living with her widowed mother-in-law (Elizabeth Hurst who was also her cousin), brother-in-law (Walter - not her husband as stated in the index), sister-in-law (Emily), her brother (Alfred Croucher), and a visitor (Sarah Croucher aged 22, unmarried and born in Southampton) at 41 East Street, Southampton St Mary, Hampshire.

Her husband died in 1866.

In the 1871 census as Emma Hadest (sic - in the index, original illegible) aged 37, born in Botley, a widow, and living with her parents (Richard and Jane Croucher), her daughter (Elizabeth E Hadest) and a servant (Catherine A Othen aged 16 and born in South Stoneham) at The Three Horse Shoes, High Street, Botley, Hampshire.

Death of Elizabeth Hurst in FreeBMD in October-December 1876 in S Stoneham (2c 41).

Chris Devlin has an entry in Ancestry Public Member Trees for Emma Coucher baptised on 21 October 1833, in Botley, Hampshire, parents Richard and Jane Croucher.

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