Henry Crowcher (b1568-a1582)


Birth: Before 1568 Chichester, Sussex, UK
Father: Henry Crowcher b1553-1593
Mother: Jone or Johanne

Christening: 27 September 1568 Chichester, Sussex, UK

Marriage: Unknown
Wife: Katherine ? c1554-a1582

Death: 9 April (after1582) North Marden, Sussex, UK


Henry Crowcher 1576-1593
Richarde (Richard) Crowcher (Chrowcher) 1582-a1613


There are two submitted entries (one Henry or Sr) in IGI born 1568 Chichester (which is about 10 years too late for his son's birth), christened 27 September (no year) at Elisebeth (no such place), and died 9 April (no year) in North Marden.

Similar information is in the Ancestral File adding his wife's name as Kathrine born in 1554 and the birth of his two sons, both in Chichester.

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