James S Hibberd (1952-a1986)


Birth: October-December 1952 Bournemouth, Dorset, UK
Father: Robert Hibberd 1923-1989
Mother: Joyce May Cooke 1930-2005

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: October-December 1975 Bournemouth, Dorset, UK
Wife: Valerie R Parker [Blaney, Forge, Holbrook] b1956-a2005

Marriage: October 1986 Bournemouth, Dorset, UK
Wife: Diana F Taylor b1971-a1986

Death: After 1986




Entry in the Register of Births for James S Hibberd, mother's maiden name Cooke, in October-December 1952 in Bournemouth (6b 225).

Entry in the Register of Marriages for James S Hibberd and Valerie R Forge in October-December 1975 in Bournemouth (23 0154).

His wife married Roger Blaney in Poole in 1983.

Entry in the Register of Marriages for James S Hibberd and Diana F Taylor in October 1986 in Bournemouth (23 61).

Entry in 192.com for James S Hibberd in the Electoral Roll 2002-03, other occupants Diana F Hibberd (wife), Alan R Hibberd and Lee N Taylor. Note Alan Robert Hibberd was born in Poole in December 1988, mother's maiden name Gotham.


James S Hibberd was the husband of Valerie R Parker, wife of Clive D N Forge, husband of Julia D Croucher, my half third cousin twice removed via her mother Patricia Ann Ashford.

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