Jean S Hoyle [Jennions, Priestnall] (1960-a1999)


Birth: October-December 1960 Hull, East Riding, Yorkshire, UK
Father: Raymond Hoyle 1933-a1970
Mother: Jean Clark (Clarke) 1940-2004

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: June 1990 Bolton, Lancashire, UK
Husband: Neil J Jennions 1957-a1999

Marriage: November 1999 Kendal, Cumbria, UK
Husband: Joseph W Priestnall 1947-a1999

Death: After 1999




Entry in the Register of Births for Jean S Hoyle, mother's maiden name Clarke, in October-December 1960 in Hull (2a 327).

Her two brothers were born in Hull in 1961 (mother's maiden name Clarke) and 1970 (mother's maiden name Clark).

Entry in the Register of Marriages for Jean S Hoyle and Neil J Jennions in June 1990 in Bolton (38 235).

Entry in the Register of Marriages for Jean S Jennions and Joseph W Priestnall in November 1999 in Kendal (377 240 R1 041).

There are two entries in for Jean S Jennions and for Jean S Priestnall in the Electoral Roll 2002-12 aged 50-54, and living in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1, other occupant Joseph W Priestnall (husband?).


Jean S Hoyle was the wife of Joseph W Priestnall, husband of Patricia Punter, second great granddaughter of James Aldred, husband of Ann Shrubb, my first cousin three times removed.

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