James Robert Croucher (1917-1986)


Birth: July-September 1917 Kingston, Surrey, UK
Father: James Croucher 1883-a1922
Mother: Florence Hart c1883-a1922

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: January-March 1940 Staines, Surrey, UK
Wife: Cecilia M M Hart b1925-a1940

Death: January 1986 Richmond on Thames, London, UK


Christopher Alan Croucher a1940


Entry in the Register of Births for James R Croucher, mother's name Hart, in July-September 1917 at Kingston (2a 676).

Entry in the Register of Marriages for James R Croucher and Cecilia M M Dale in January-March 1940 in Staines (3a 141).

Entry in Register of Deaths for James Robert Croucher born 7 July 1917 in January 1986 at Richmond/T (14 1792 186).

Pauline Biggs has an entry in RootsWeb WorldConnect for James Robert Croucher born 7 July 1917, parents James Robert Croucher and Florence Hart, his marriage to Cecilia M M Dale in about March 1940 in Staines, one son, and his death in January 1986 in Richmond on Thames.


James Robert Croucher was the nephew of Frederick George Croucher, husband of Mary Ann Fullick, my fourth cousin once removed.

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