Jane Croucher [Smith (Smeeth)] (1769-a1790)


Birth: About 1769 Bentworth, Hampshire, UK
Father: John Croucher 1745-1803
Mother: Mary Hobbs 1737-1818

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: 8 November 1790 Bentworth, Hampshire, UK
Husband: William Smith (Smeeth) c1765-a1790

Death: Unknown




There is a submitted entry in the IGI for the birth of Jane Croucher in about 1769 in Bentworth, Hampshire and her marriage on 8 November 1790 in Bentworth to William Smith, born about 1765 in Wield, Hampshire. Another submitted entry has similar information except for her husband's birth and another submitted entry just contains the marriage. There are two other entries for the marriage of Jane Croucher to William Smeeth on 16 May 1791 in Wield, Hampshire. However Bentworth Marriages has an entry for Jane Croucher and William Smeeth on 8 November 1790 which is taken from Phillimores Hampshire marriage registers Volume 11. From this I deduced that John Croucher and Mary Hobbs were the likely parents.

Bentworth is 2 miles NW of Alton and Wield is 6 miles west.

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