Jane Croucher [Hebberd (Hebbard, Hubbard)] (1805-1870)


Birth: 1805 Alton, Hampshire, UK
Father: George Croucher 1766-1841
Mother: Jane Pitts 1799-1810/41

Christening: 20 November 1805 Alton, Hampshire, UK

Marriage: 14 April 1830 St. Lawrence, Alton, Hampshire, UK
Husband: Isaac Weldon Hebberd (Hebbard) c1806-a1841

Death:12 January 1870 Nelson, New Zealand
Burial: 15 January 1870 Plot 033 Block 05 Wakapuaka Cemetery, Nelson, New Zealand


Father unknown:
Thomas Croucher 1826-a1851

By Isaac
Jemima Hebberd (Hebbard) [Kinzett] 1833-1914
Rhoda Hebberd (Hebbard) 1835-a1842
Elizabeth Hebberd (Hebbard) 1837-a1841
Cornelius Hebberd (Hebbard) c1839-1917


Christening of Jane Croucher in the IGI on 20 November 1805 in Alton, Hampshire, parents George and Jane Croucher.

Her son was christened in Alton in 1826 in Alton, mother Jane Croucher.

There are two entries for the marriage of Jane Croucher to Issac Hebbard and to Isaac Welding Hibberd in the IGI on 14 April 1830 in Alton, Hampshire.

Entry in Ted Wildy's Marriage Witness Index for Hampshire for Jane Croucher and Isaac Welding Hebberd (sic) on 14 April 1830 at St. Lawrence, Alton, witnesses John Croucher (I assume her brother) and Mary Be(?).

In the 1841 census as Jane Hebbard aged 35, born in Alton, and living with Isaac (husband?), Cornelius (son?), Elizabeth, Jemima and Roda (daughters?), Geo Croucher (father?) and Thomas Croucher (son?) at Willsom, Alton, Hampshire.

Entry in The Nelson Provincial Museum for Jane Hebberd aged 35, family Isaac Weldon Hibberd aged 35, a carpenter, Thomas Hebberd (Croucher) aged 15, a carpenter, Jemima aged 8, Rhoda aged 6 (died on board?), Elizabeth aged 4 and Cornelius aged 2 on the Bolton 5 March 1842.

Entry in Nelson City Council for Jane Hebberd (Hubbard) buried in plot 033 Block 05 Wakapuaka on 15 January 1870 having died on 12 January 1870.

Graeme Adams has an entry for the marriage of Jane Croucher to Isaac Hebberd (sic) on 14 April 1830 in Alton and a daughter Jemima and has the same information on RootsWeb WorldConnect where Robert Kinzett also has an entry for the marriage of Jane Croucher and Isaac Weldon Hebbard and a daughter Jemima.

There are three entries in Ancestry Public Member Trees for Jane Croucher born in 1805 in Hampshire, parents George Croucher and Jane Pitts, two of which give her christening on 20 November 1805 in Alton, Hampshire. Another two give her birth in 1807, her marriage to Isaac Weldon Hebberd, and daughter Jemima. Michelle Karauria adds her four other children, her depature from England on 29 October 1841 on the Bolton and arrival on 15 March 1842 in Nelson, New Zealand, and her death on 12 January 1870 in New Zealand. Another gives the date of marriage as 1830 and her death on 12 June (sic) 1870 in Wakapuaka, Nelson, Nelson, New Zealand.Another entry gives her birth on 11 December 1806 in Hampshire, baptism on 24 January 1807 at St Martin Dorking, parents William and Ann Croucher.

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