Joane (Johan, Johane) Crowcher (Crocher) [Bowell (Howell)] (1561-1591)


Birth: 24 November 1561 Worth, Sussex, UK
Father: Roger Crowcher (Crocher) b1541-a1565
Mother: Ales ?


Marriage: 27 June 1580 Worth, Sussex, UK
Wife: Owen Bowell (Howell) b1565-a1591

Death: After 1591


Johane Bowell 1581
Thoms Bowell 1584
John Bowell 1588
Robt Bowell 1591


Christening of Joane Crowcher in the IGI on 24 November 1561 in Worth, Sussex, parents Roger and Ales Crowcher.

Christening of Joane Crocher and Owen Bowell in the IGI on 27 June 1580 in Worth, Sussex.

Similar information is in the Sussex Family History Group Sussex Marriage Index except her husband's name is Owen Howell.

Her four children were christened in Worth between 1581 and 1591, father Owen Bowell, her name spelt Joane for Thoms, Johan for John and Johane, and Johane for Robt.

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