John Croucher (Crowcher) (1645-a1685)


Birth: 1645 Bishops waltham, Hampshire, UK
Father: John Croucher (Crowcher) b1630-a1658
Mother: Unknown

Christening: 17 January 1645 Bishops waltham, Hampshire, UK

Marriage: Unknown
Wife: Unknown

Death: After 1685


Richard Croucher 1661
John Croucher (Chroucher, Crowcher) 1673
Meary Croucher 1677
Thomas Croucher 1679
Robart Croucher 1679-b1685
Elysabeth Croucher 1681
Robart Croucher 1661


Christening of John Crowcher in the IGI on 17 January 1645 in Bishops Waltham, Hampshire, father John Crowcher.

All the children were christened in Bishops Waltham, the surname spelt Croucher except Crowcher in the case of John. Robart and Thomas were christened on the same day and may have been twins, and Robart may have died bause another Robart is named five years later. The mother's name is not given and I cannot identify a marriage.

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