John Croucher (1816-1886)


Birth: 1816 Rye, Sussex, UK
Father: John Croucher 1788-1872
Mother: Sarah Ditton 1791-1879

Christening: 21 September 1816 Rye, Sussex, UK

Marriage: 23 December 1839 Adelaide, South Australia
Wife: Emma Amelia Lush 1822-1899

Death: 27 February 1886 in Norwood, Adelaide, South Australia


Sarah Elizabeth Croucher 1841-1887
John William Croucher 1844-1857
Edward Isaac Croucher 1848-1922
Joseph Owen Croucher 1850-1921
Alfred George Croucher 1852-1885
William John Croucher 1859-1960


Christening of John Croucher in the IGI on 21 September 1816 in Rye, Sussex, parents John and Sarah Croucher.

David William has an entry in Ancestry Public Member Trees for John Croucher born on 20 September 1816, parents John Croucher and Sarah Ditten, his marriage to Emma Amelia, a son Joseph Owen, and his death on 21 February 1886. K P Kirkby and K Wood add the date of his marriage as 23 December 1839 in Adelaide, South Australia, all his children and his death on 27 February 1886 in Norwood, Adelaide.

There is a reference in the Hamilton Family History regarding the free passage on the Katherine Stewert Forbes in 1837 "John Croucher, aged 21, a plumber and carpenter, applied for passage on the same day as John Hamilton. The passenger list also mames John Croucher, a constable and tallow chandler, and Sarah Croucher. They were possibly young John Croucher's parents."

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