John Croucher (1723-a1749)


Birth: 1723 Selsey, Sussex, UK
Father: John Croucher 1698-a1737
Mother: Mary Dean 1698-1755

Christening: 14 November 1723 St Peter, Selsey, Sussex, UK

Marriage: 19 May 1746 St Peter, Selsey, Sussex, UK
Wife: Joan Mihil 1716-a1749

Death: After 1749 - see notes


Ann Croucher 1747-1750
William (Wm) Croucher 1749-a1776


Christening of John Croucher in the IGI on 14 November 1723 in Selsey, Sussex, parents John and Mary Croucher. The same information is in FamilyHistoryOnline Sussex Baptisms adding it was at Selsey St Peter.

Marriage of John Croucher and Joan Mihil in the IGI on 19 May 1746 in Selsey, Sussex. The same information is in the Sussex Family History Group Marriage Index.

Both children were christened in Selsey.

There are three possible burials for John Croucher at Selsey St.Peter in FamilyHistoryOnline: 18 October 1851 supposed to be drowned, 27 November 1751 and 3 April 1760.

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