John Croucher (Crovcher, Crowcher) (1665-a1725)


Birth: 1665 Eastdean Near Chichester, Sussex, UK
Father: John Croucher (Crovcher, Crowcher) 1633-1695
Mother: Mary Keyse b1652-a1667

Christening: 12 September 1665 in Eastdean Near Chichester, Sussex, UK

Marriage: 14 November 1693 Aldingbourne, Sussex, UK
Wife: Elizabeth (Elisabeth) Hull 1675-1703/15

Marriage: 7 November 1715 Pagham, Sussex, UK
Wife: Margaret [White] b1700-a1719

Death: After 1725


By Elizabeth
John Crowcher 1694
Mary Crowcher 1695
Clement Crowcher 1698
John Croucher (Crowcher) 1699-1767
Henry Crowcher 1703

By Margaret
William Croucher (Crowcher) 1717-1719
Thomas Croucher (Crowcher) 1719-1719
Elizabeth Crowcher 1720
Margaret Croucher (Crowcher) 1722-1724
Marget Croucher 1725


Christening of John Crovcher in the IGI on 12 September 1665 in Eastdean Near Chichester, Sussex, father John Crovcher.

Marriage of John Crowcher and Eliz Hull in the IGI on 14 November 1693 in Aldingbourne. There are four submitted entries giving Elizabeth Hull, three spelt John Croucher, one spelt John Crowcher, and three at Aldingbourne, one at Adengborne, and all dated 28 October 1693.

There are two entries in the Sussex Family History Group Sussex Marriage Index. The first is an Archdeaconry of Chichester Marriage Licence dated 28 October 1693 for John Croucher and Elizabeth Hull, spinter of Aldingbourne, and the second is the marriage of John Crowcher and Elizbeth Hull of this parish at Aldingbourne on 14 November 1693.

The five children were all christened in Eastdean, all spelt Crowcher except the second John - I assume the first John died young.

There are three submitted entries in the IGI for the death of Mrs John Croucher of Pagham, Sussex before 7 November 1715 and three more for the marriage of John Croucher on 7 November 1715 in Pagham, Sussex.

Entry in the Sussex Family History Group Sussex Marriage Index for a Pagham && Tarring Peculiar Marriage Licence dated 7 November 1715 for John Croucher (widower) and Margaret White (widow).

The children from this marriage were christened in Pagham.

There is an entry in the Sussex Electorial Poll of 1734 taken by Henry Montague Esq, Sheriff of the County of Sussex, at Chichester on 9/10 May 1734 for the election of two knights to serve in parliment, for John Croucher of East Dean with freehold in Walberton. Does it refer to this John or his son?

Walberton is two miles east of Aldingbourne which is 6 miles south of East Dean. Pagham is 9 miles SW of Aldingbourne on the coast.

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