Thomas F Jopson (1954-a1986)


Birth: April-June 1954 South Liverpool, Lancashire, UK
Father: Thomas Jopson 1931-a1976
Mother: Hilda Houghton 1933-1998

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: July-September 1977 Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK
Wife: Doris E Evans [Howes] b1962-a1987

Marriage: November 1986 Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK
Wife: Linda M Turnbull [Bennetta, Daw] b1958-a1986

Death: After 1986


By Linda
Tara Melissa Jopson 1986


Entry in the Register of Births for Thomas F Jopson, mother's maiden name Houghton, in April-June 1954 in Liverpool S (10d 861).

His brother was also born in South Liverpool in 1957, but his other brothers and sisters were born in North Liverpool between 1960 and 1976

Entry in the Register of Marriages for Thomas F Jopson and Doris E Evans in July-September 1977 in Portsmouth (20 0991).

His daughter was born in Portsmouth in August 1986.

Entry in the Register of Marriages for Thomas F Jopson and Linda M Daw in November 1986 in Portsmouth (20 636).


Thomas F Jopson was the husband of Doris E Evans, wife of Roy A Howes, husband of Ivy Patricia Plumbly, first cousin four times removed of George Marden, husband of Elizabeth Hall, my second great grandaunt

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