Kim A Croucher (1957-a1989)


Birth: October-December 1957 Southampton, Hampshire, UK
Father: Kenneth A Croucher 1929-a1957
Mother: Joan Perriment 1932-a1957

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: April-June 1979 Southampton, Hampshire, UK
Wife: Rebecca I Hooper 1958-a1989

Death: After 1989


Thomas William Croucher 1984
Adam Arthur Croucher 1986
Claire Louise Croucher 1989


Birth of Kim A Croucher, mother's maiden name Perriment, in FreeBMD in October-December 1957 in Southampton (6b 834).

Entry in the Register of Marriages for Kim A Croucher and Rebecca I Hooper in April-June 1979 in Southampton (20 1226).

His three children were born in Southampton in 1983 to 1989.

Entry in for Kim A Croucher in the Electoral Roll 2009-11 aged 50-54 and living in Southampton, Hampshire, SO30, other occupants Rebecca I Croucher (wife?), Adam A and Thomas W Croucher (sons?) and Claire L Croucher (daughter?).


Kim A Croucher was the sixth great grandson of James Croucher

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