Sherry Ann (Sherryann) King (Flanagan) [Balfour, Giggs] 1969-a2000


Birth: April-June 1969 Reading, Berkshire, UK
Father: John S King b1953-a1974
Mother: Sally A Pinnock [Flanagan] 1950-a1978

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: February 1990 Bracknell, Berkshire, UK
Husband: Anthony W Giggs 1958-a2001

Marriage: August 1997 Bracknell, Berkshire, UK
Husband: Andrew S E Balfour 1956-a2000

Death: After 2000


By Anthony
Ashley Edward D Giggs 1992

By Andrew
Poppy Harley F Balfour 1994
Joseph John-Robb S Balfour 2000


Entry in the Register of Births for Sherry Ann King, mother's maiden name Pinnock, in April-June 1969 in Reading (6a 680).

Her father married Sally A Woodhouse in Bracknell in 1974 and her mother married Joseph P Flanagan in Bracknell in 1978.

There are two entries in the Register of Marriages for Sherryann King and Sherry A Flanagan to Anthony W Giggs in February 1990 in Bracknell (19 29).

Her son and daughter were born in Bracknell in 1992 and 1994, mother's maiden name Flanagan.

Entry in the Register of Marriages for Sherry A Giggs and Andrew S E Balfour in August 1997 in Bracknell (318 857 R2 103).

Her son Joseph was born in Windsor and Maidenhead in 2000 - his mother's maiden name is Flanagan.

There are two entries in for Sherry A Balfour in the Electoral Roll 2002 living in Bracknell, Berkshire, RG42, other occupants Andrew S Balfour (husband?), Floyd L Maynard and Angela M Mackay and in the Electoral Roll 2003 living in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34, other occupants Andrew S E Balfour (husband?), Roy Cooper, Nicola A Cooper and Kayleigh V Macro.


Sherry Ann King was the wife of Anthony W Giggs, husband of Suzanne Dyos, daughter of Ronald Dyos, husband of Florence A E Cowles, my fifth cousin twice removed.

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