Lower (Lomer) Gendex

This Gendex contains entries for the Lower (Lomer) family, relatives of Mary Ann Scammell, third cousin twice removed of Cyril T Larby, my second cousin once removed, and descendents of John.

Name [Married]Birth/Christening DateBirth/Christening LocationDeath/Burial DateDeath/Burial Location
Ethel Mary Lower OCT-DEC 1882 Newhaven, Sussex, UK Before 31 MAR 1900 Newhaven, Sussex, UK
Ethel J Lower [Sawyer] OCT-DEC 1916 Croydon, Surrey, UK After 1947
Harold Lower JUL-SEP 1891 Newhaven, Sussex, UK JUL-SEP 1913 Lambeth, London, UK
Jennifer M Lower APR-JUN 1947 Camberwell, London, UK

John Lower (Lomer) 18 FEB 1850 Newhaven, Sussex, UK JUL-SEP 1921 Croydon, Surrey, UK
John William Lower JUL-SEP 1884 Newhaven, Sussex, UK APR-JUN 1941 Croydon, Surrey, UK
Margaret A Lower OCT-DEC 1943 Camberwell, London, UK

Niel (Neil) Eustace Lower OCT-DEC 1888 Newhaven, Sussex, UK 30 JUN 1917 Pas de Calais, France
Ronald John Lower 18 AUG 1913 Croydon, Surrey, UK JAN 1999 Croydon, Greater London, UK
Name [Married] Birth

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