Marie (Mary) Crowcher [Halle (Hale)] (b1589-a1610)


Birth: 1589 Harting, Sussex, UK
Father: Robert Crowcher b1574-a1594
Mother: Unknown

Christening: 28 September 1589 Harting, Sussex, UK

Marriage: 10 June 1610 Harting, Sussex, UK
Husband: William Halle (Hale) 1582-a1610

Death: After 1610




Christening of Marie Crowcher in the IGI on 28 September 1589 in Harting, Sussex, father Robert Crowcher.

There is a submitted entry in the IGI for Mary Crowcher, father Robert Crowcher, in a will on 21 February 1593. There are other entries for the same date, but the parents are Henry and Jone or Johann Crowcher who are I assume her grandparents.

Marriage of Mary Crowcher and William Hale in the IGI on 10 June 1610 in Harting, Sussex.

Entry in the Sussex Family History Group Sussex Marriage Index for Mary Crowcher of this parish and William Halle of Birdham on 10 June 1610 in Harting, Sussex.

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