Mark Crutcher (Ayres) (1894-1983)


Birth: 4 November 1894 Godshill, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, UK
Father: Mark Crutcher (Light) c1867-1941
Mother: Betsy (Elizabeth Mary) Ayres (Airs, Eyers, Eyrs) 1869-1948

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: July-September 1919 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, UK
Wife: Mary Burton b1904-a1925

Death: January-March 1983 Isle of Wight, Hampshire, UK


Samuel Crutcher 1920
Nancy K Crutcher 1922-1924
Mary Crutcher 1925


In the 1901 census as Mark Ayres aged 4, born in Godshill, Isle of Wight, and living with his mother (Betsey Ayres), and two brothers (Isaac and Wlater) who were boarding with Mark Crutcher in four rooms at 3 Orchard Street, Newport, Isle of Wight, Hampshire.

In the 1911 census as Mark Crutcher aged 14 and living with Mark and Betsy (parents?), Albert, Henry, Isaac, James and Walter (brothers?) and Anna Bella (sister?) in Isle of Wight, Hampshire.

Note that if his parents are correct they did not marry until 1932. His mother's name is in some doubt - she was officially called Betsy, but many believe her full name was Elizabeth Mary although I have seen no evidence of this. Her surname had many different spellings.

The first two children were born in the Isle of Wight, the last in Christchurch, Hampshire. Nancy died in Christchurch so I assume the family moved there around 1923.

Entry in the Register of Deaths for Mark Crutcher born 4 November 1894 in the Isle of Wight (20 2332) in January-March 1983.

John Couper has an entry in RootsWeb WorldConnect for Mark Crutcher born in 1897 in Godshill, Isle of Wight, parents Mark Croucher and Elizabeth Mary Ayres.

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