Mabel Stares [Croucher] (1893-a1917)


Birth: April-June 1893 Alverstoke, Hampshire, UK
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: January-March 1914 Wareham, Dorset, UK
Husband: Alban Thomas Joseph Croucher 1885-1917



Eileen M Croucher 1914


Birth of Mabel Stares in FreeBMD in April-June 1893 in Alverstoke (2b 544).

I cannot locate her in the 1901 or 1911 censuses.

Marriage of Mabel Stares and Alban T J Croucher in FreeBMD in January-March 1914 in Wareham (5a 478).

Her daughter was born in Wareham in 1915 and her husband died in September 1917 in Bere Regis.

I cannot find any later information.


Mabel Stares was the wife of Alban Thomas Joseph Croucher, uncle of David Reginald Croucher, husband of Patricia Ann Ashford, my half third cousin once removed.

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