Stephen Croucher


Birth: 1837 Churt, Surrey, UK
Father: Charles Croucher 1790-1843
Mother: Charlotte Shrub 1801-1895

Christening: 31st December 1837 St. Mary the Virgin, Frensham, Surrey.

Marriage: 26th November 1859 at 9th July 1865 St Mary the Virgin, Frensham, Surrey
Wife: Jane Cooper 1842-1924

Death: July- September 1914 Farnham District, Surrey, UK
Buried: St Johns, Churt, Surrey, UK.


Alice Croucher [Patrick] 1860-1903
Ellen Croucher [Chittenden] 1862-1914
Mary Ann Croucher 1865
Minnie Croucher 1867-1935
Sarah Ann Croucher 1870
William Stephen Croucher 1873-1954
Allen (Allan) Henry Croucher 1876-1933
Ethel Kate Croucher [Wilkinson] 1879-a1913


According to my father's records, he lived in Churt throughout his life. His records from Frensham Parish Registry gives the year of birth and gives his wife's name as Jane.

The christening of Stephen Croucher in the IGI on 31 December 1837 at Frensham, Surrey, parents Charles Croucher and Charlotte. It is also in the West Surrey Family History Society Frensham Baptisms as Stephen Croucher on 31 December 1831, son of Charles Croucher (potter) and Charlotte.

In the West Surrey Family History Society 1851 West Surrey Census as Stephen Croucher aged 13, born in Frensham, and living with his mother, brother (John) and two sisters (Charlotte and Clara) in Churt, Frensham.

Marriage of Stephen Croucher to Jane Cooper in the IGI on 26 November 1859 at Frensham,Surrey and FreeBMD in October-December 1859 in the Farnham District (2a 104).

In the 1861 census as Stephen Croucher aged 23, born in Frensham, employed as an agricultural labourer, and living with his wife and daughter (Ailice or Allice) in Churt, Frensham.

In 1871 census aged 34, born in Churton in the index, Churt in the original, employed as a labourer, and living with his wife, and five daughters (Alice, Ellen, Mary Ann, Minnie, and susaham (sic)) at Kits (next to The Barracks), Churt.

In the 1881 Census aged 42, born in Frensham, employed as an agricultural labourer, and living with his wife, two sons (William and Allan) and two daughters (Sarah A and Ethel) at Whitmore, Frensham.

In the 1891 census aged 52, born in Churt, employed as an agricultural labourer and carter, and living with his wife, two sons (William and Allen) and a daughter (Ethel Kate) at Hatch Farm Cottage, Churt.

In 1901 Census aged 64, born in Frensham, employed as a farm bailiff and living with his wife and son (William) at Hatch Farm. (In the index William is listed as part of James and Fanny Harris's family who lived in Winifred Cottage, but the original is clear that he lived with his parents.)

Lived at Road Farm, Hatch Hill around 1908 according to my father's records which also gives his death. He was the grandfather of Ernest Croucher the Builder who lived at top of Old Kiln Close sold to him in 1919. He lived at Road Farm (same as Hatch Farm) as a bailiff to Mr Pritchard of Llanover until 1910 when it was converted.

Death of Stephen Croucher aged 77 in 1837Online in July-September 1914 in Farnham District (2a 172).


I am his great grandnephew and second cousin three times removed.

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