Woolf Gendex

This Gendex contains entries for the Woolf family, relatives of Emily Laura Winn, first cousin once removed of Joseph Garibaldi Dutton, the husband of my great aunt Mary Ann Payne

Name [Married]Birth/Christening DateBirth/Christening LocationDeath/Burial DateDeath/Burial Location
Annie M Woolf OCT-DEC 1911 Willesden, Middlesex, UK

Millicent Emily Woolf JUL-SEP 1908 Hendon, Middlesex, UK After 1911
Philip (Phillip) Walter Woolf JUL-SEP 1886 Islington, Middlesex, UK JAN-MAR 1954 Wood Green, Middlesex, UK
Rose A Woolf [Kelly] OCT-DEC 1915 Islington, London, UK After 1941
William A Woolf APR-JUN 1917 Edmonton, Middlesex, UK

Name [Married] Birth

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