Ted Croucher

Personal Details

Name: Mr. Edward James Croucher

Address: Silver Birches, Buchan Hill, Pease Pottage, West Sussex,UK RH11 9AR

Date of Birth: 30th October 1946. Marital status: Married

Other Information: Driving Licence, British Passport

Member of the Institution of British Telecommunications Engineers and the Federation of Telecommunications Engineers of the European Community.

Employment History

June 1998 Croucher Consultants Ltd

I set up Croucher Consultants Ltd to allow me to work for myself, providing consultancy and training to other companies, specialising in networking (especially multimedia and TCP/IP), and Unix services.

I have been involved in several major Voice over IP projects for companies such as Mason Communications and Protek Bolden James, IP Version 6 for BT plus a project on the implementation of GPRS and WAP for Nokia. I developed and presented a suite of 5 courses on data and voice communications for Morgan Stanley, a LAN Technologies course for Colt Communications, a course on Information Technology and Communications for PricewaterhouseCoopers, and a series of courses on IP and Packet Switched Networks for BT. Additionally I have presented courses on LANs, IP, Voice over IP, Network Management, Telecommunications, and ATM for Cap Gemini, Silicon Graphics, IIR Technology, Logical Training Services, SHL Learning Technologies, Phillips Omnicom, Frost and Sullivan, European Technical Support, and Learning Tree International.

I was the Technical Editor for the Learning Tree course on LAN Troubleshooting.

July 1996 to June 1998 European Technical Support Ltd, Dorking, Surrey

I was a Networking Specialist providing consultancy, training and documentation in all aspects of data and telecommunications. Projects included writing courses on the IBM ATM Campus Products (switches, concentrators, and bridges), IBM bridges and routers, and IBM Frame Relay Access Devices, as well as giving courses on CISCO routers and HP Openview, plus data and telecommunications. I also designed the cabling system for the company office in Dorking, and was the company's webmaster.

September 1986 to June 1996 Learning Tree International, Leatherhead, Surrey

My official title was Full Time Instructor with the primary responsibility of presenting approximately 20 short, intense technical courses per year. I specialised in Wide and Local Area Networks, but also presented software development and project management courses. The typical course length was four days and locations varied from Learning Tree's Education Centres in London, Sweden and Washington to customer sites throughout Europe and the USA with occasional visits to Asia. I was frequently involved in modifying courses to meet the customer's requirements as well as developing customer specific courses, and providing technical editing services for courses customised by other instructors. I frequently attended beta tests of courses.

During the period 1994 to 1995 I took on the temporary position of Quality Controller, with the responsibility of gaining ISO 9002 Certification for the UK Subsidiary. I reported directly to the Financial Director who also took on the role of Quality Manager. In addition to managing the process, and ensuring that the Quality Manual, Procedures and Work Instructions were all developed, I was also the Lead Auditor with responsibility for the other auditors and also developed the Quality Induction Training for all existing and new employees. As well as achieving certification in 1995, an important result was the management recognition of the poor communications within the company and the lack of IT.

Thus overlapping with the above I was also responsible for managing the introduction of a PC networking system, based on a Novell 3.12 File Server, and a LotusNotes server running on OS/2 with routers linking the two UK offices via an ISDN link giving every employee access to the IT systems. Following this, I was involved in the porting of the complete Quality System onto LotusNotes. More recently I was responsible for implementing e-mail access to the Internet and hence direct communications with the other instructors.

I was also involved in the recruitment and training of new instructors, gave pre- and post sales support including meetings and presentations, attended numerous exhibitions, and was Exhibition Manager for Networks 95.

The position of Full Time Instructor ceased to exist in April 1996, and I was made redundant.

April 1985 to July 1986 Concurrent Computer Corporation, formerly Perkin Elmer Data Systems, Slough

I was the Unix Product Support Manager, managing a team of four responsible for the maintenance and support of Unix systems (including applications) throughout Europe, liasing with the Hardware and Communications groups when required. The team also carried out acceptance testing of new releases, as well as the X.25 and Ethernet communication systems.

September 1982 to April 1985 Optim Computer Group, Maidenhead

Product Development Manager responsible for the design, development, introduction and support of the Option Computer based on the 68000 chip, Unix and applications.

I left the company as it was moving its operational base to Letchworth, and I was not willing to relocate.

February 1980 to September 1982 Monotype Communications, London

Communications Manager responsible for all pre- and post sales support involving networks, mainly RS232/V24 with some 2780 and X.25 plus ARCNet. I designed and wrote an email system for the Ford Motor Company using Montotype computers as user agents and a Prime computer as a message transfer agent which supported both simple text messages and the transfer of documents. The company sold Ontel computers running MDOS and HDOS, and later CP/M. As a result of a management buyout the company was renamed to Optim Computers.

April 1979 to February 1980 General Signal, Borehamwood

Senior Programmer designing and writing code in Coral 66 and Babbage on GEC computers for the Clapham Junction Signalling System. I resigned as I was not getting the involvment in the communications systems that I had been led to expect.

September 1970 to April 1979 British Aerospace Military Aircraft Division, Warton

Senior Engineer responsible for computing in the Aeronautical Department which used IBM model 360 computers running MFT/MVT/MVS and VM programmed mainly in Fortran IV with some PL/1 and Assembler. I was involved in a major project to implement TSO and was put in charge of a project to develop interactive computing using Tektronic equipment. I was also reponsible for the introduction of personal computing in the department using PET and HP computers. I left to get more involved in the developing communications industry based on mini and micro computers.

September 1965 to September 1970 Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, Hants

Student Apprentice on a thin sandwich course - my first introduction to computers on DEUCE, Mercury and 1900 series computers using Assembler, Autocode and Fortran..


The courses I have written and taught for ETS include General Data Communications and Telecommunications, Ethernet, Token Ring, FDDI, ATM, Bridges and Routers, and TCP/IP (including voice and other multimedia applications). Additionally I have presented courses for vendors such as BT, Cisco, Cabletron, IBM and Hewlett Packard, and presented courses on behalf of several other training companies.

The list of courses that I have presented for Learning Tree includes Introduction to Data Communications, Telecommunications and Wide Area Networks, PC Networks, Troubleshooting LANs and WANs, Network Protocols, TCP/IP, LAN Troubleshooting, X.25, ISDN, Mobile Communications, Structured Analysis and Design, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Client/Server Systems, Software Quality Assurance, Testing, Maintenance, Project Management, Unix, Unix System Administration, Solaris etc.

Education, Qualifications and Training

1958-1963 Key Cross Secondary Modern, Tilford, Surrey - 4 GCE 'O' Levels

1963-1965 Guildford Technical College, Surrey - 3 GCE 'O'Levels, 3 'A' Levels

1966-1970 City University, London - BSc(Eng) Aeronautical Engineering II.ii

1970's Courses on IBM 360 architecture, assembler, JCL, Fortran and PL/1.

1979 Coral 66 and Babbage with GEC

1984 ARCnet with LSI

1985 Unix Internals Course with Unix Europe

1985 PENet (X.25 & Ethernet) Course with Perkin Elmer

1986 Unix Communications Course with Perkin Elmer

1986 Lex Administration Course with MR Dataflow

1987 Decision Making with Tom Philp

1989 Train the Trainer with Keith London

1992 ISO 9000 Lead Auditor's Course with Gilbert Associates

1994 Implementing ISO 9000 Quality Systems Course with BSI

1994 Windows Introduction with SHL Systemhouse Europe

1995 Negotiating Skills with Jim Robinson

1996 Learning Tree International - Certified Professional WAN Engineer

1996 Configuring Network Systems Borderguard and Security Router with StorageTek

1997 Trainer Development Program with European Training Associates

1998 Hewlett Packard IT/O for Operators

1998 Hewlett Packard Network Node Manager for Network Operators

1998 Hewlett Packard Network Node Manager for Network Administrators

1998 ComTest Using LA/Express Protocol Analyser

2000 Train the Trained Trainer - Learning Tree International

2001 Skills Development Laboratory - Learning Tree International

2004 Interacive Skills Development Laboratory - Learning Tree International

1996-2005 Open University - Postgraduate Diploma in Computing for Commerce and Industry - PGDCCI(Open)

1996 Distinction in Computer Architectures and Operating Systems
1996 Merit in Digital Telecommunication Systems
1997 Merit in Software Development for Networked Applications using Java
1998 Distinction in Discrete Mathematics and Formal System Specifications using Z
1999 Merit in Relational Database Systems
2000 Merit in Object Orientated Software Development
2002 Merit in Distributed Applications and E-Commerce
2004 Merit in Information Security Management

2001-2011 Open University - Bachelor of Arts Lower Second Class Honours in Business Studies with Economics and Accounting

2002 Grade 2 (Merit) in Understanding Business Behaviour
2003 Grade 2 (Merit) in Understanding Business Functions
2005 Grade 3 in Business Behaviour in a Changing World
2008 Grade 2 (Merit) in Economics and Economic Change
2009 Grade 3 in Understanding Economic Behaviour
2010 Grade 2 (Merit) in Accounting for Strategic Implementation
2011 Grade 3 in Financial Accounting

2007-2015 Open University - Bachelor of Science Honours Open Degree (not completed)

2007 Grade 1 (Distinction) in Topics in the History of Mathematics
2012 Grade 2 (Merit) in Planetary science and the search for life
2013 Grade 2 (Merit) in Exploring Mathematics
2014 Grade 2 (Merit) in Our Dynamic Planet: Earth and Life
2015 Grade 2 (Merit) in The Quantum World
2016 Grade 2 (Merit) in The Relativistic Universe
2017 Grade 2 (Merit) in The Geological record of environmental change