Loraine Susan Cole [Foard, Kirby] (1955-a1988)


Birth: 4 July 1955 Wrecclesham, Surrey, UK
Father: Eric Frank Cole 1921-1998
Mother: Kathleen Duff 1928-2007

Christening: Wrecclesham, Surrey, UK

Marriage: October-December 1972 Alton, Hampshire, UK
Husband: David Richard Foard b1963-a1988

Marriage: 21 March 1987 Winchester, Hampshire, UK
Husband: Trevor A Kirby 1954-a1987

Death: After 1988


By David
Clinton Foard 1978-a2003
James Eric Foard 1974-a2005
Laura Olivia Foard 1982-a2005


Entry in the Register of Births for Loraine S Cole, mother's maiden name Duff in July-September 1955 in Surrey SW (5g 1105).

Entry in the Register of Marriages for Loraine S Cole and David R Foard in October-December 1972 in Alton (6B 186).

The three children were born in Basingstoke.

Entry for Loraine S Foard and Trevor A Kirby in the Register of Marriages in March 1987 in Winchester (20 1122).

Entry in 192.com for Loraine S Kirby in the Electoral Roll 2002. 2005 living in Alresford, Hampshire, SO24, other occupants Trevor A Kirby (husband?), Laura O Foard (daughter?), David H Gray, Rosemary Gray and Catharina E Massara.

Entry in Ancestry Public Member Trees for Loraine Susan Cole born 4 July (no year) in Farnham, Surrey, parents Eric Frank Cole and Kathleen Duff, her baptism in Wrecclesham, her marriage to ? Kirby on 21 March 1987 in Winchester, three children but surname Foard and her marriage to David Richard Foard, and her occupation as an office manager.


Loraine Susan Cole was the great granddaughter of Mary Jane Store, wife of Abraham Shrubb, my second cousin twice removed.

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