Agnes Mary Cook [Croucher] (1875-1972)


Birth: 28 March 1875 Beamish, Durham, UK
Father: Edward Cook 1845-1934
Mother: Jane Swan Thompson c1834-1909

Christening: 28 April 1875 Tanfield, Durham, UK

Marriage: October to December 1898 Lanchester, Durham, UK
Husband: Charles Croucher (Crowcher) 1870-1952

Death: January-March 1972 West Cheshire, UK


Roberts (Robert) Valentine Croucher 1900-1991
Edward Charles Croucher 1908-1970
Peggy Eveline Croucher 1918


Birth of Agnes Mary Cook in FreeBMD in April-June 1875 in Chester le S (10a 661) - however Tanfield was not in Chester le Street, but in Durham until 1 April 1875. She was probably born in Beamish. The same information is in Ancestry England, Select Births and Christenings, 1538-1975.

Birth of Agnes Mary Cook in the IGI on 28 March 1875 and her christening on 28 April 1875 in Tanfield, Durham, parents Edward and Jane Swan Cook.

In the 1881 census as Agnes M Cooke (sic - on the original) aged 6, born in Chestere St (sic), Durham, and living with her parents (Edward and Jane S), brother (William S), and two sisters (Ann E and Mary A) in Beamish, Urpeth, Durham.

In the 1891 census as Agnes M Cook aged 17, born in Beamid (sic - in the index, Beamish on the original), Durham, and a servant living with Robert Bourne (aged 58, born in Crayford, Kent, and an employer living on his own means), his wife (Anna E aged 54 and born in Whitlock, London), three daughters (Agathe G aged 18 and born in Grafton Manor, Worcestershire, Mildred G aged 13 and born in Grafton Manor, Worcestershire, and Christabel aged 11 and born in Isle of White, Shanklin), three visitors (Alice H Dew 22, born in Waymouth, Dorset, single and no stated employment, Gertrude E Glennie 18, born in Wimbleton, Surrey, single and no stated employment, and William Human aged 19, born in Hadnel, Shropshire, single and an apprentice), a governess (Louise M Raymond aged 32, single and born in Genova, Switzerland), a butler (William Human aged 43, born in Lanncelles, Cornwall and married), a ladies maid (Mary Human aged 50, born in Shawbury, Shropshire, and married), a footman (John Smith aged 21, born in Greete, Worcestershire and single), and four other servants (Mary A Bevan aged 24 and born in Birmingham, Warwickshire, Catherine Welch aged 24 and born in Bridport, Dorset, Rose Williams aged 20 and born in Goodrich, Herefordshire, Elizabeth Hanison aged 18 and born in Putley, Herefordshire, and Jane Smith aged 17, born in Sopton, Staffordshire, all single) at Cowarne Court, Much Cowarne, Herefordshire.

Marriage of Agnes Mary Cook and Charles Croucher in FreeBMD in October-December 1898 in Lanchester (10a 502) which included Tanfield from 1 April 1875.

Her son was born at 6 Stanley Place, Edge Hill, Liverpool on 13 February 1900.

In the 1901 census as Agnes M Croucher aged 26, born in Bramsh (sic - in the index, Bramish on the original), Durham and living with her husband (Charles), son (Robert V), and a visitor (Emily M A Pike aged 22, born in London, single and a cook) at 28 Lovet Street, West Derby, Lancashire.

Her son was born in West Derby in 1908.

In the 1911 census as Agnes Mary Croucher aged 36, born in Beamish, Durham, married for 12 years, two children, both living, and living with her husband (Charles), two sons (Edward Charles and Robert Valentine), and three servants (William James Morton aged 21, born in Wooton, Bedfordshire, and a horse (house?) keeper, Florence Ruby Fearon aged 27, born in Walton, and a dressmaker, and Rose Evans aged 19, born in Wrexham, Summerhill and a kitchen maid, all single) in twenty rooms at Worthenbury Manor, Wrexham.

Her daughter was born in Worthenbury in 1918.

In the 1939 England and Wales Register as Agnes M Croucher born 28 March 1875 and living at Admiralty House, Overton, Flintshire, Wales, other occupant Charles Croucher (husband?).

Her husband died at School House, Harthill, Tattenhall, Cheshire on 9 February 1952 leaving effects of £313 11s 5d to Agnes Mary Croucher widow.

Death of Agnes Mary Croucher, born on 28 March 1875, in FreeBMD in January-March 1972 in W Cheshire (10a 2349).

Tanfield is about 8 miles WNW of Chester le Street, and Beamish is halfway between the two.


Agnes Mary Cook was the wife of Charles Croucher, my granduncle.

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