Alfred J Croucher (1922-a1957)


Birth: July-September 1922 South Stoneham, Hampshire, UK
Father: Alfred Bernard Croucher 1885-1950
Mother: Hannah Catherine Hardy 1885-1967

Marriage: April-June 1945 Southampton, Hampshire, UK
Wife: Isabella G Mcfarlane b1930-a1957

Death: After 1957


Barrie A Croucher 1948-a1980
Michael C Croucher 1951-a1985
Ian D Croucher 1953-a1975
Sheila Croucher [Stroud] 1957-a1987


Birth of Alfred J Croucher, mother's maiden name Hardy, in FreeBMD in July-September 1922 in S Stoneham (2c 159).

His brother was also born in South Stoneham in 1924.

Marriage of Alfred J Croucher and Isabella G Mcfarlane in FreeBMD in April-June 1945 in Southampton (2c 1666).

The children were born in Southampton in 1948-1957 except for Michael born in Winchester in 1951.

Entry in Ancestry UK, Electoral Registers, 2003-2010 for Alfred J Croucher born 1921-1923, address 49 Milner Court SO15 5PG, Southampton, Hampshire from 2004 to 2006 and 2008 to 2010.

Entry in for Alfred J Croucher in the Electoral Roll 2002, 2004-06 and living in Southampton, Hampshire SO15, other occupant Isabella G Croucher.


Alfred J Croucher was the fourth great grandson of James Croucher

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