Edward George Croucher (1927-1996)


Birth: 26 September 1927 Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, UK
Father: Bertie (Bert) Arthur Croucher 1888-1967
Mother: Edith Louise Anscombe 1891-1965

Marriage: July-September 1949 North Surrey, UK
Wife: Kathleen Merrett 1929-2007

Death: February 1996 Truro, Cornwall, UK


Marilyn S Croucher 1951
Martin J Croucher 1958


Birth of Edward G Croucher, mother's maiden name Anscombe, in FreeBMD in October-December 1927 in Kingston (2a 667).

His brother was born in Kingston upon Thames in 1930.

Marriage of Edward G Croucher and Kathleen Merrett in FreeBMD in July-September 1949 in Surrey N (5g 886).

His two children were born in N Surrey in 1951 and 1958.

Entry in People Trace UK for Edward G Croucher - St Ives, Kingston, Ringwood BH24 3BH.

Entry in the Register of Deaths for Edward George Croucher, born on 26 September 1927, in February 1996 in Truro (B35D 3701B).

Five entries in Ancestry Public Member Trees for Edward George Croucher born on 26 September 1927 in Kingston, Surrey, and his death in Truro, Cornwall in February 1996, three adding his marriage in Northern Surrey in September 1949, and one his wife as to Kathleen Merritt.

The following information came from Pauline Biggs:
Edward G Croucher was born on 26 September 1927 in Kingston, Surrey, parents Bertie A Croucher and Ethel L Anscombe, and Edward George Croucher died in February 1996 in Truro, Cornwall.


Edward George Croucher was the nephew of Frederick George Croucher, husband of Mary Ann Fullick, my fourth cousin once removed.

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