Ernest Croucher (1877-1970)


Birth: 17 January 1877 Pond Cottage, Churt, Surrey, UK.
Father: John Croucher (Crowcher) 1834-1905
Mother: Elizabeth Baker 1834-1909

Christening: 11 March 1877 St John the Evangelist, Churt, Surrey, UK

Marriage: 14 October 1909 Johannesburg, South Africa
Wife: Florence May Howell 1888-1985

Death: 20 June 1970 Sherborne, Dorset, UK


Kathleen Maud (Maude) Croucher [Cordier] 1912-1992
Frank Reginald Croucher 1916-1978
Irene M Croucher [Kimber] 1920-a1954


Birth of Ernest Croucher in FreeBMD in January-March 1877 in Farnham (2a 127).

Christening of Ernest Croucher, son of John and Elizabeth Croucher at St John the Evangelist, Churt on 11 March 1877.

In the 1881 Census as Ernest Croucher aged 4, born in Churt, and living with his parents (John and Elizabeth), brother (Charles) and sister (Emily) at Keepers Cottage, Churt, Frensham, Surrey (this would have to be the same as Pond End and Pond Cottage for my fathers records to be correct - this is probably correct as it is the first Churt entry in the census, and this house is on the edge of Churt).

In the 1891 census as Ernest Croucher aged 14, born in Churt, and living with his parents (John and Elizabeth), brother (James) and sister (Carrie) at an unspecified address between Swiss Cottage and Rooks Cottage, Churt, Frensham, Surrey.

Not in the 1901 census as he was serving in India, having enlisted in the 4th Hussars in 1894, a year before Winston Churchchill was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant (Cornet) on 20 February 1895, and with whom he went to India.

In the 1911 census as Ernest Croucher aged 34, born in Frensham, Surrey, married, squad ' serg' major in the 4th Hussars and living at The Royal Artillery Barracks And The Cavalry Barracks, Butt Road, Colchester.

Entry in Ancestry British Army WWI Pension Records 1914-1920