Frederick William George Croucher (1929-1992)


Birth: 11 April 1929 Egham, Surrey, UK
Father: Frederick Henry Croucher 1902-1971
Mother: Gwendoline Mary Stone 1903-1980

Marriage: April-June 1952 NW Surrey, UK
Wife: Olive Joyce Eades 1930-1988

Death: June 1992 Southampton, Hampshire, UK


Joyce P Croucher 1952
David G Croucher 1959
Gillian Croucher 1969
Richard Croucher 1970
Frederick William Croucher 1972-a1997


Birth of Frederick W G Croucher, mother's maiden name Stone, in FreeBMD in April-June 1929 in Windsor (2c 707). Note that Windsor included Egham, Surrey.

In the 1939 England and Wales Register as Frederick W G Croucher born 11 April 1929, and living with Frederick H and Gwendoline M Croucher (parents?), Gwendoline M Croucher (sister?), and William G Stone (grandfather?) at 138 Pooley Green Road, Egham, Surrey.

His sister was born in NW Surrey in 1944.

Marriage of Frederick W G Croucher and Olive J Eades in FreeBMD in April-June 1952 in Surrey NW (5g 1142).

There are two entries in Ancestry Surrey, England, Electoral Registers, 1832-1962 for Frederick Croucher address 19 Radnor Road, Weybridge, Esher in 1953 and 1954, other occupants Olive Croucher (wife?) and Albert E and Doris I Eades (parents-in-law?), eight entries for Frederick W Croucher address 58 Glencoe Road, Weybridge, Esher in 1956 and 1957, other occupants Olive J Croucher (wife?) and Norman C Palmer, and Flat 5, 2 Summers Close, St George's Hill, Esher from 1957 to 1960, other occupant Olive J Croucher (wife?).

There are nine entries in Ancestry British Phone Books, 1880-1984 for F W G Croucher address 8 Dovecot Close number Weybridge 43182 in 1963 and 1964, 28 Oakdale Road, Weybridge 43182 in 1965, Builder and decorator, Weybourn, Longcot, Shrivenham 286 from 1967 to 1971, and 102 Chalvington Road, Chandlers Ford 66133 in 1972 and 1975.

His wife died in Southampton in 1988.

Entry in the Register of Deaths for Frederick William G Croucher, born on 11 April 1929, in June 1992 in Southampton (20 1225).

Entry in Ancestry Public Member Trees for Frederick William George Croucher and two for Frederick William G Croucher.


Frederick William George Croucher was the third great grandson of John Croucher.

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