Leslie George Croucher (1924-1985)


Birth: 21-22 March 1924 Alverstoke, Hampshire, UK
Father: Albert David Croucher 1893-1972
Mother: Georgina Elizabeth Mariah Taylor 1891-1973

Marriage: July-September 1943 Gosport, Hampshire, UK
Wife: Ellen Charlotte Vinall 1925-2001

Death: October 1985 SE Hampshire, UK


Ann Croucher 1944
Ellen Croucher 1945
Brian L Croucher 1947-a1971
David John Croucher 1948-2014
Maurice W Croucher 1949-1950
Colin P Croucher 1953-a1980


Birth of Leslie G Croucher, mother's maiden name Taylor, in FreeBMD in April-June 1924 in Alverstoke (2b 872).


His two brothers were born in Alverstoke in 1927 and 1931, and two more brothers in Gosport in 1933 and 1937.

In the 1939 England and Wales Register as Leslie G Craucher (sic - in the index, Croucher on the original) born 21 March 1924, single, an errand boy, and living with Albert D and Georgina E M Craucher (parents?), Ronald and Roy Craucher (brothers?) and six others at 13 Welch Road, Gosport, Hampshire.

Marriage of Leslie G Croucher and Ellen C Vinall in FreeBMD in July-September 1943 in Gosport (2b 1405).

His six children were born in Gosport from 1944 to 1953.

Entry in the Register of Deaths for Leslie George Croucher, born 22 March 1924, in October 1985 in South East Hampshire (20 1654).

There are eight entries in Ancestry Public Member Trees for Leslie George Croucher.

Note that Alverstoke became part of Gosport in 1932.


Leslie George Croucher was the eighth great grandson of Richard Croucher.

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