Sarah Croucher (Albery) [Heighes] (1843-1923)


Birth: April-June 1843 Empshott, Hampshire, UK
Father: Unknown
Mother: Eliza Croucher [Albury] b1830-1848

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: 25 December 1863 Alton Independent Chapel, Alton, Hampshire, UK
Husband: William Heighes 1843-1923

Death: December 1923 Whitehill, Bordon, Hampshire, UK


John William Heighes 1866-1937
Elizabeth Heighes [Swann] 1867-1944
Albert Heighes 1871-1963
Catherine Heighes 1869-a1881
Mary Ann Heighes 1874-a1910
Eve Heighes 1877-1904
Mabel Heighes 1879-1922
Alice Maud Heighes 1884-1923
Frank Heighes c1887-1896
Arthur George Heighes 1872-1928


Birth of Sarah Croucher in FreeBMD in April-June 1843 in Petersfield (7 115). (7 15).

Her mother married Richard Albury in 1845.

Her mother died in 1848.

In the 1851 census as Sarah Aulbery (sic - on the original) aged 7, born in Selborne, and living with her (step)father (Richard), (step)grandmother (Elizabeth Aulbery) and a lodger (John Tull aged 2, born in Selborne, and an agricultural labourer) at Oakhanger, Selborne, Hampshire.

In the 1861 census as Sarah Albury aged 18, born in Empshott, Hampshire, single and a servant living with Emily Clark (aged 58, born in Chertsey, Surrey, single and a fundholder), her sister-in-law (Charlotte S Clark aged 49, born in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, single and a fundholder)) and a page (Hubert P Puttock aged 10 and born in Addlestone, Surrey) in Bridge Road, Chertsey, Surrey.

Marriage of Sarah Croucher and William Heighes in FreeBMD in October-December 1863 in Alton (2c 325).

In the 1871 census as Sarah Hughes (sic - in the index, Heighes on the original) aged 27, born in Greatham, Hampshire, and living with her husband (William), son (John William) and two daughters (Catherine and Elizabeth) in a cottage in Selbourne, Hampshire.

In the 1881 census as Sarah Heighes aged 38, born in Selborne, Hampshire, and living with her husband (William), three sons (Albert, Arthur Alfred, and John), and four daughters (Eve, Kate and Mary A) in Liphook Road,

In the 1891 census as Sarah Heighes aged 48, born in Selborne, Hampshire, and living with her husband (William), two sons (Albert and Frank), four daughters (Daisy, Eva Mabel and Mary) and a visitor (Fanny Heighes) in White Hill, Selborne, Hampshire.

In the 1901 census as Sarah Heighes aged 57, born in Selbourne, Hampshire, and living with her husband (William) and three daughters (Alice M, Mabel and Mary A) in Whitehill, Selborne, Hampshire.

In the 1911 census as Sarah Heighes aged 68, born in Empshott, Petersfield, married for 47 years with 10 children, 8 still living, 2 having died, and living with her husband (William), daughter (Mabel) and a boarder (John Holden aged 20, born in Kettering, Northamptonshire, single and a cab driver) in six rooms at White Hill, Bordon Camp, Selborne, Hampshire.

Her husband died on 7 October 1923 in Whitehill, Bordon.

Death of Sarah Heighes in FreeBMD in October-December 1923 in Alton (2c 216). Her husband was on (2c 210).

There are sixty entries in Ancestry Public Member Trees for Sarah Albury/Croucher.


Sarah Croucher was the great granddaughter of Samuel Croucher.

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