Winifred Amy Croucher [Pottle] 1884-1976


Birth: 15 May 1884 Portsea, Hampshire, UK
Father: George (Georgii, Georgium) Croucher 1812-1853
Mother: Fanny (Frances, Franciscae, Franciscam) Cecelia (Ceciliam) Crouch 1816-1893

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: 19 February 1905 St Peter, Hersham, Surrey, UK, Hampshire, UK
Husband: Frederick William Victor Pottles 1884-1943

Death: January-March 1976 Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK


Winifred Squire Ann Pottle [Todd] 1905-1980
Nora Amelia Pottle [Tubbs] 1906-1984
Frederick James C Pottle 1913-1997
Joan T Pottle [Chandler] 1921-2017


Birth of Winifred Amy Croucher in FreeBMD in April-June 1884 in Portsea (2b 514).

In the 1891 census as Winefred (sic - on the original) A Croucher aged 6, born in Portsea, Hampshire, and living with her parents (James A and Alice Quin), three brothers (Alfred B, George James, and Janes (sic) W), and five sisters (Agnes M, Alice W, Cecilia P, Frances J and Paulena G) at 1 Selbourne Terrace, Portsea, Hampshire (off the A3 Stamshaw Road).

In the 1901 census Winefred (sic - on the original) Croucher aged 16, born in Portsmouth, Hampshire, single, no stated employment, and living with her parents (James A and Alice S), three brothers (Alfred, James and Victor), and three sisters (Agnes, Frances and Paulina) at 11 Stamshaw Road, North End, Portsmouth, Hampshire (now underneath the roundabout at the A3/M275 junction).

Marriage of Winifred Amy Croucher and Frederick William V Pottle in FreeBMD in January-March 1905 in Chertsey (2a 54).

Entry in Ancestry Surrey, England, Church of England Marriages, 1754-1937 for Winifred Amy Croucher aged 20, father James Albert Croucher, and Frederick William Victor Pottle on 19 February 1905 at Hersham, St Peter. "Page 53 1905 Marriage solemnized at The Parish Church in the Parish of Hersham in the County of Surrey. No. 105 February 19th 1905 Frederick William Victor Pottle aged 20, a Bachelor and Plumber of S Matthew's Westminster, father Charles Pottle, a Dockyard Rigger, and Winifred Amy Croucher aged 20, a Spinster of Hersham, father James Albran Croucher, a Coal-Merchant. Married in the Parish Church according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church after Banns [...] in the Presence of James Alban Croucher and Frances Josephine Croucher".

Her first daughter was born in St George Hanover Square in 1905 and second in Portsmouth in 1906.

In the 1911 census as Winifred Pottle aged 27, born in Portsmouth, married for six years with two children both living, and living with her husband (Frederick), two daighters (Nora and Winifred), brother (Victor) and nephew (Claud Croucher) at 24 Talbot Road, Southsea, Hampshire.

Her son and daughter were born in Portsmouth in 1913 and 1921.

In the 1939 England and Wales Register as Winifred A (no surname) born 15 May 1884, married and living with Frederick T C Poole (son?), and Frederick W V (husband?) and one other at 68 St George Street, Portsmouth, Hampshire.

Her husband of 68 George Street, Buckland, Portsmouth died in the dockyard in Portsmouth on 22 June 1943 and left effects of £362 0s. 10d. to Winifred Amy Pottle widow.

Death of Winifred Amy Pottle, born 15 May 1884, in FreeBMD in January-March 1976 in Portsmouth (20 940)

Death of Winifred C Groves in FreeBMD in July-September 1925 aged 74 in Brentford (3a 159).

There are two entries in Ancestry Public Member Trees for Winifred Amy Croucher bon in Portsmouth, Hampshire on 15 May 1884, her marriage to Frederick William Victor Pottlein Chertsey, Surrey in 1905, her four children, and her death in Portsmouth, Hampshire in March 1976, one given her parents as Frederick James and Eleanor Croucher. There is also an entry for justy Winifred married to Frederick William James Pottle and a daughter.


Winifred Amy Croucher was the third great granddaughter of James Croucher

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