Yvonne Croucher [Wood] (1948-a1968)


Birth: October-December 1948 North Surrey, UK
Father: Alfred Mark Croucher 1918-1981
Mother: Lillian (Lilian) Eva Ball 1924-2008

Marriage: January-March 1968 Kingston upon Thames, Greater London, UK, UK
Husband: Roger Wood b1953-a1968

Death: After 1968




Birth of Yvonne Croucher, mother's maiden name Ball, in FreeBMD in October-December 1948 in Surrey N (5g 423).

Her six brothers and sisterswere born in North Surrey from 1951 to 1961.

Marriage of Yvonne Croucher and Roger Wood in FreeBMD in January-March 1968 in Kingston/Ths (5c 2163).


Yvonne Croucher was the first cousin twice removed of Frederick George Croucher, husband of Mary Ann Fullick, my fourth cousin once removed.

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