Christina atte Cruch' (b1314-c1346)


Birth: Before 1314 Waltham St. Lawrence, Berkshire, UK
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Christening: Unknown

Marriage: Unknown
Husband: John atte Crouche b1302-b1346

Death: About 1346 Waltham St. Lawrence, Buckinghamshire, UK


John atte Crouche b1329-a1349
Richard atte Bury b1334-a1349


From SN4086 Peasant Land Market in Southern England, 1260-1350.
1347 Waltham St. Lawrence: John atte Cruche paid 66/8d (it also says 800d which implies this is correct and not 6/8d) for a messuage and virgate of villein land and 1 cottage and curtilage of purpresture in Walth'm previously held by his mother Christina atte Cruch'. Hence it is assumed that she died in 1346 and her husband died before her.
1349 Walthan St Lawrence, Berkshire: Richard atte Bury (Berry) paid 4/- for the surrender of shilling of purpresture in Walth'm previous held by his father John atte Crouch'.

Note that the last name of her youngest son differs because he was not the eldest, and had taken his name from the land he held (only the eldest son inherited the last name at this time).

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