Kim J Lemmings (1952)


Birth: April-June 1952 N Surrey, UK
Father: Kenneth Edward Lemmings 1929-1991
Mother: Yvonne Joy V Croucher 1922-a1952

Marriage: Unknown
Husband: Unknown

Death: Unknown




Birth of Kim J Lemmings, mother's maiden name Croucher, in FreeBMD in in April-June 1952 in Surrey N (5g 423).

Entry in Ancestry UK, Electoral Registers, 2003-2010 for Mis Kim J Lemmings born 1951-1953, address 9 Woodlands Road GU15 3LZ, Camberley, Surrey.

Entry in for Kim J Lemmings in the Electoral Roll 2002-03 living in Camberley, Surrey GU15, other occupant Yvonne J Lemmings (mother?).

Entry in People Trace UK for Kim J Lemmings - 9 Woodlands Road, Camberley GU15 3LX.


Kim J Lemmings was the second great grandneice of Moses Othen, husband of Ellen Shrubb, my first cousin three times removed.

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