Agnes atte Crouche (Cruch') (b1317-a1344)


Birth: Before 1317 Farnham, Surrey, UK
Father: William atte Crouche b1302-b1340
Mother: Unknown

Marriage: Unknown
Husband: Unknown

Death: After 1344


Agnes atte Cruch' b1332-a1347
Juliana atte Cruch' b1333-a1348


From SN4086 Peasant Land Market in Southern England, 1260-1350:

1341 Farnham, Surrey: Agnes atte Crouche, daughter of William, paid 6d for a plot, 12 perches long and 3 perches wide, to be held for her life in Compton, previously owned by Rose le Baker', daughter of John (who appears to have paid 6d for the same plot - a plot of Lord's waste in Compton 12 perches long and 3 wide in Compton - in the same year).

1344 Farnham, Surrey: Agnes atte Cruch' paid 12d for the surrender of a cottage and curtilage in Crompton', previously owned by Wymark Wyttok' (Whittock).

1347 Farnham, Surrey: Agnes atte Cruch', daughter of Agnes, paid 6d to hold a plot in the Lord's waste in Compton', 4 perches, and 2 perches wide.

1348 Farnham, Surrey: Juliana atte Cruch', daughter of Agnes, paid 3/- for the surrender of two cottages in Compton', previously held by Henry le Grou'e (Grover).

The curtilage is the immediate area surrounding the cottage - its yard or garden.
A Perch is the same as 5.5 yards or 16.5 feet

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