Alice atte Crouche (b1299-a1314)


Birth: Before 1299
Father: Unknown
Mother: Agnes atte Crouche Before 1284

Husband: Unknown

Death: After 1314




From SN4086 Peasant Land Market in Southern England, 1260-1350

1314 Ashmansworth, Hampshire: Agnes atte Crouche paid 12d for the marriage within of her daughter Alice as owner of 2 acres and 10 perches of demesne. I assume Alice's father had died.

Acre - this would be a customary acre which in Farnham Manor was about half a modern acre>br/> Demesne - land held directly by the lord which required tenants to give unpaid services according to custom. These services were for a fixed number of days, but could be extended if required to complete the task, it then being known as boonwork.
Perch - is both a linear and an area measure. The linear measure is the same as 5.5 yards or 16.5 feet, as an area it is equivalent to a square perch.

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