de Johanne ate Cruche (b1317-a1332)


Birth: Before 1317
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Marriage: Unknown
Wife: Unknown

Death: After 1332




Mentioned in the 1332 Lay Subsidy for Churt where he paid xxijd. (22 pence or 0.09 pounds) (Churt: A Medieval Landscape P D Brookes 2000 p64).
The Lay Subsidy was written in the order of the farms visited, the previous entry being for Roberto le Cartere who has fines for Stock Farm in 1292 and 1352. The following six entries cannot be associated with specific farms, but the next is De Willelmo ate Townsends who in 1348 paid a fine for Greencroft which is just across the road from Greencross. Thus this entry could well refer to Green Cross. Equally well, it could apply to any farm along Green Lane between Stock Farm and Green Cross. However there were only two and Croucher is not associated with either. If this was for Townsend it implies that he was there between Alice and John. However the property may still have been in the their father's name and this Johanne may have been their father John.

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