John Croucher (a1342-b1447)


Birth: After 1342
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Marriage: Unknown
Wife: Unknown

Death: Before 1447




The following is from Phillip Brooks in Churt: A Medieval Landscape by Philip Brookes 2000. In 1447 a default is listed for a toft and half virgate formally of John Croucher called Hollands: rent due 4/2d. Hole Land refers to 'land at the bottom'. There was a Robert atte Holelonde who held half a virgate in Patifold, Elstead (in the Devil's Punchbowl) in 1308. The previous reference was in 1357 so John Croucher must have lived between these two dates.

There was a 19th century house called Hollands on the Thursley Road near Pitch Place at the junction with Maryers Lane. However Phillip Brookes places the site refered to above as in 7 Acres Yew Tree Close/Yewtree Field, north of Marchants Farm and south of Churt Place Farm (see map XVI).

Toft - the land once occupied by a dwelling house.
Virgate - the Farnham Manor virgate was about 32 modern acres - see Medieval Farnham by Father (Etienne) Robo 1935.

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