John atte Crouch' (b1279-b1309)


Birth: Before 1279 Twyford, Hampshire, UK
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Marriage: Unknown
Wife: Unknown

Death: Before 1309 Twyford, Hampshire, UK


Henry atte Crouche b1294-a1315


From SN4086 Peasant Land Market in Southern England, 1260-1350:
1309 Twyford, Hampshire: Henry atte Crouche paid 20/- for the inheritance of a messuage and virgate from his father John atte Crouch'.

Messuage - a dwelling house and legal rights such as access to commons etc.
Virgate - the Farnham Manor virgate was about 32 modern acres - see Medieval Farnham by Father (Etienne) Robo 1935. I am not sure of the size in Berkshire, but is is a quarter of a hide.

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