Matilda atte Crouch' [Hacche (Hatch), Holelonde] (b1295-c1350)


Birth: Before 1295 Churt, Farnham, Surrey, UK
Father: William atte Cruche (Cruce, in la Cloures) b1248-b1308
Mother: Unknown

Marriage: After 1311
Husband: Robert atte Holelonde whose name she took. He died before 1328.

Marriage: About 1330
Husband: William atte Hacche (Hatch) who took her name - he died about 1357.

Death: About 1350 Churt, Farnham, Surrey




Taken from the Manorial Fines for Churt Churt: A Medieval Landscape by Philip Brookes 2000.
1310 Paid an unknown amount for half virgate at Pattefold (now called the Punchbowl) Elstead surrendered by Richard atte Rygweye, (on condition) that a house is built before Michaelmas next. This land is assumed to been in Elstead in 1308 ("the men of Elstead used to have"), but in 1310 it was in Churt. Her father William atte Crouch is assumed to be the same person as William in la Cloures.

Taken from entries in the Winchester Pipe Rolls from SN4086 Peasant Land Market in Southern England, 1260-1350.
There are three entries which appear to refer to the land as all have the note 'at Pattifold in Ellested which the men of Ellested held before in common without paying the old rent', and in each case there was half a virgate.
1309 Richard atte Rygweye paid 6/8 to hold the land.
1309 Robet ate Holelond' paid 10/- to hold the land.
1310 William atte Groue, son of Robert atte Holand paid 10/- to hold the land.
1311 Farnham,Surrey: Matilda atte Crouch', daughter of William, paid 6/8d for the surrender of half a virgate in Churt previously owned by Richard atte Rygweye (Ridgeway) on condition that she builds the house before Michaelmas.

In 1328 Matilda atte Holand paid 2/- for the surrender of a messuage and half a virgate in Churt previously held by Robert atte Holelonde. I assume this is the same Matida who had married Robert.
In 1345 Joan atte Crouch' paid 12d for 1 acre purpresture in Ellersted' previously held by her kin Robert atte Holelond'. I think Joan was Matilda's neice.

1330 William atte Hacche (Hatch) paid 5/- for the marriage to Matilda atte Holelonde and a messuage and half a virgate - had her husband Robert died and was this her second marriage. This is also in Manorial Fines for Churt in Churt: A Medieval Landscape which has three entries for 1350 in which William atte Holeland has three demands for payment for a messuage and half a virgate - one for 4/2 paid nil, the second for 4/2, paid nil, and the third for 3/8 paid 6d. The land was surrended in 1357 as there was no heir. I assume that she had died during the Black Death of about 1350, and her husband who lived till 1357 was unwilling to pay as the value of land had fallen.

Messuage - a dwelling house and legal rights such as access to commons etc.
Purpresture - secondary quality land not subject to the obligations placed on bondland, and which therefore could be exchanged more freely.
Virgate - the Farnham Manor virgate was about 32 modern acres - see Medieval Farnham by Father (Etienne) Robo 1935.

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